MAY INT invests for the long term, because building successful and resilient businesses can lead to better returns, stronger communities and collective economic growth that works for everyone. Our ability to evaluate a changing business world enables us to build stability, while our market strength allows us to keep investing in the business and improve our client offering.

Corporate Advisory

MAY INT is exclusively partnered with EBL Investments Limited for extending cooperation under corporate advisory services. Our success is determined by our ability to maintain a sustained relationship with our clients across time and across numerous products and services. It's all about building meaningful, long-term relationships with our stakeholders, where we fully understand and assist them in growing their businesses or in achieving their financial goals. 

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Corporate Advisory
Structured Finance

Structured Finance

Structured finance is an approach available for companies with sophisticated financing needs, which cannot be usually solved with conventional financing methods. It consists of financial instruments that work to mitigate serious risks related to complex assets.

Securitization is the core of structured finance. It is the method by which asset pools are created and ultimately form the mature financial instruments that are useful to corporates and investors with special or unique demands.

The specific reasons why securitization is valuable include:

  • Alternative funding options for particular or complicated needs
  • Reduced emphasis on credit 
  • Efficient use of available capital
  • Transfer of risk away from investors